"...A very valuable piece of work...What this edition accomplishes, and admirably so, is to make musical sense out of the swirls of notes and curves...Wilson has struggled with all of the ambiguities, and come up with very astute harmonic conclusions...His performances are brilliant and convincing...A wonderfully instructive and helpful lesson in Louis Couperin's preludes."
Bruce Gustafson, EARLY MUSIC

"The performances are those of a fresh and original mind...they are like a door opening onto a lost world - perhaps the world of Louis Couperin himself, so brilliantly do they make sense of passages that have always seemed to me awkward or inexplicable and that most players rush through as if embarassed by what they see as momentary lapses of technique or taste on the part of the composer...They sound like no other performances of this music that I have heard...The contribution of the edition itself seems to me to reside in choices or changes different from those of other editors that are carefully thought out but whose ultimate justification is a matter of the excellent musical judgement of Wilson himself."

FIRST EDITION (Breitkopf & Härtel) of six Suites by GOTTLIEB MUFFAT from the Berlin Singakademie. Recorded for NAXOS by Naoko Akutagawa.

FIRST EDITION (Breitkopf & Härtel) VOLUME 2: six more Suites by GOTTLIEB MUFFAT from the Berlin Singakademie.