article 11:   First Publication

This preface to the first facsimile edition of the first part of J. S. Bach’s Clavir Übung Opus 1 (the six Partitas) was published by Mark A. Meadow’s “Musica Musica" in 1983. It was the first musicological work of mine to see print. In all its modesty, I think it’s still a pretty good effort for a 31-year-old amateur. Kenneth Gilbert praised it, but pointed out to me that Mr. Meadow had unfortunately gotten the pages on the reversed sides. The edition of a few hundred copies, photocopied in a wire binding, used to be available online at music shops, but a search today (September 2019) showed nothing. Facsimiles of the Partitas are now available everywhere, but in 1983 they were rarities, snapped up by aficionados of early music; now at least this little preface can be consulted again.

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